If you are looking for the ultimate gift to give your little girl, then you are in the right category: Toys For Girls. Come and shop here at UMKYTOYS to spoil your little princess by adding new toys to their play house collection!

We have toys that young girls will surely love! Encourage your child to engage in the play house and dress-up games. Let your little girl develop their emotions, sense of empathy and ability to recognise their surroundings with these fantastic toys we offer!

When toddlers play imaginary games with baby dolls, it helps them talk more about other people’s feelings and emotions. It allows children to become more expressive and help them to socialise with other people.

We provide you with our available toys that will provide hours of entertainment for toddlers. Starting from our baby doll with sound effects to keep your little princess occupied for hours while you are busy at work, the baby doll can serve as their best friend that they can talk to. All they have to do is press the baby doll’s stomach to activate the sound and hear the toy’s response.

We also have accessories for your little girl’s dolls to add a more fun and exciting experience during their playing hours. It includes our Wooden Doll Rocker Bed so children can sing their baby doll a song as they rock the rocker bed in order to make the baby doll toy fall asleep immediately. We also have a baby changing bag with a nappy so kids can easily change their baby doll’s napkin. The bag is handy, so your little girl can carry it anywhere she goes. Children who enjoy playing with baby dolls will love this bag set since it contains all the baby supplies they need for their baby dolls — such as a bottle for the infant, a soft napkin for diaper changes, a diaper, baby powder, and other necessities.

Aside from baby dolls, we also have soft plush toys so your little princess can make them as bedtime buddies to help them sleep peacefully. Children can hug and cuddle with this toy in cold weather. One of our plush toys is the unicorn plush toy that will always accompany little girls and always make them feel loved.

There are many toys for your little girls to choose from! Keep them engaged and excited as they simulate their skills with our toys!