Unleash Your Creativity with Our 2-Piece Craft Scratch Art Set for Kids | Perfect for Creating Unique and Colorful Designs Assorted Colour


Scratch your itch for creativity: our 2-piece craft scratch art set is the perfect way to unleash your inner artist and create something truly unique and beautiful.

Reveal your true colors: with our scratch art sheets, you can scratch away the black coating to reveal the vibrant colors hiding just beneath the surface.

Scratch, don’t sketch: our wooden stylus is the perfect tool for creating intricate designs and letting your creativity run wild.

Fun and easy: our scratch art set is designed to be both fun and easy to use, so you can focus on creating instead of worrying about the mess.

Endless possibilities: with two scratch art sheets included in each set, the creative possibilities are endless. Let your imagination take you on a journey of color and design!

Kid-friendly and parent-approved: our scratch art set is perfect for kids of all ages and is made with safety in mind, making it a must-have for any home.

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