Water Pistols

Water Pistols And Water Guns For Kids

Looking for water fun in the hot weather ? Our water guns and super soaker guns are ready to help get soaked. We stock a range of water pistols for children to have a water fight. One of the best things to do in the summer for kids is to become a water fighting warrior and you can only do this with our range of water guns and water balloons. If you love the outdoors browse of range of paddling pools for kids let them make a splash and dash for the towel or garden hose on hand. We have range of water pistols to water gun backpack which suitable for toddlers and adult enjoy the water soaking shower from your child.

Water blasters are the best way to keep cool and have fun during summer days and we stock the best soakers on the market and theirs no summer outdoor fun without water pistols. All kids soaking each other or even parents best of all getting swept up in the fun helps your child think on his/her feet while using hand eye coordination to drench mummy and daddy. Our storm blasters are colourful and ideal for younger children who will want to personalise their water blasters. If you are not a fan of toy guns then you can still get drench by our range of water balloons or splash balls.